paperless data collection

Keeping Information Collection Simple – for Healthcare

Saving you time and saving        you money.

Create more efficient flow of healthcare data collection in your office and a more positive experience for your patients with KICS.

Trade in the many problems that come with a paper-based system and go digital instead.

Best of all, reduce paperwork, improve data integrity and save time and money.

Increase data quality and decrease costs by using KICS for forms like these:

  • Patient Intake
  • Consent Forms
  • Patient Referrals
  • Information Release Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Follow-Up Surveys
  • Research Questionnaires

healthcare data collection

Customize your forms and who gets access

Add any question, signature line, document upload and more. Tailor access rights to staff in your office.  Set up custom notifications that can even alert you, or others, when a any page in a multipage form has been completed.

online consent forms

Share your forms and start collecting

Have your patients complete information, even consents, prior to their appointment.  Efficiently & securely route data from patient to front office and on to the medical staff.  Manual data entry is all but eliminated as the information is already digital.

data workflow

Ultimate efficiency in healthcare data collection

Because the movement of data is customized by you, each page of your forms can move seamlessly from person to person – eliminating the need for hand delivery.

Filing is also a thing of the past as each form is automatically filed and easily retrievable.

Data analytics

Data Analysis

Need to see all data from men over 30 submitted from a particular city?

Not a problem.  KICS gives you the power to filter the data you collect which saves you the valuable time it usually takes to collect this type of information on the fly.  You can even export and customize the data you collect in Excel.

Find out how KICS can assist you with healthcare data collection.


User Friendly

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