Online form builder

All of your information at your fingertips

Keeping information collection simple has never been simpler! Check out KICS’s amazing online form building features that make it easy to create custom fillable forms on the web without the programming expense.


  • Custom, easy to create online forms
  • Multiple preformatted question types with easily set default answers and mandatory fields
  • Additional fields including: unlimited signature capture, GPS, attachments and more
  • Create online forms with multiple, unlimited pages – including page level security
  • Set up role based access or restrictions
  • Lock page option ensure further security upon submission

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  • Shared forms are completed online
  • Secure access for identity validation
  • Allows anonymous submission for sensitive forms
  • Email escalation of form pages
  • Completely paperless
  • Easy to use interface

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  • Easily recall completed forms
  • Convert forms to PDF
  • Built-in form filter gives you the ability to find forms by questions/answers
  • Data collected in forms is easily exportable to Excel

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