Sharing forms

We have made sharing forms quick and easy too!  Simply provide your KICS URL on your company intranet, webpage, or even by email.  Get creative and add the hyperlink to an image or button.  Your forms are ready to be filled!



Whether you are sharing forms with your staff, the public, or to a specific group of your creation, KICS lets you secure your forms so only those with rights to them will see them.  This means, you can have a set of forms for one group and have another completely different set of forms for another group using the same link.

For example:

If you are a school board going paperless, you could organize your forms in the following manner:

Public Forms:

  • Registration Form, Request for Information Forms, Application for Teaching Position etc.
  • No login required
  • Available to all

Parent Forms:

  • Field Trip Volunteer Forms, Appointment Request Forms
  • Login required
  • Visible only to those with Parent Forms login criteria

Student Forms:

  • Incident Forms/Bullying Report, Quizzes, Essay Submissions
  • Login required
  • Visible only to those with Student Forms login criteria


This is all configurable without the assistance of I.T. or coding. KICS has give you the power to share your forms in the manner you see fit for your organization.

We will even provide a free trial, so you can see if KICS is right for you!

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