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environmentally friendly paperless workflowMaking changes to help preserve our planet, like adopting a paperless solution, for the future is a necessary and admirable undertaking for a business.

KICS will help you begin achieving this goal with one simple step – contacting us!  We can show you how KICS can easily and affordably fit into your organization.

Paperless Solution

Paper production and disposal remains one of largest industrial polluter to air, water and land in North America. The U.S. & Canada are two of the top contributors of paper waste in the world. Several trillion sheets of paper are used in offices across the country each year.

Below are links to the many ways paper use and paper production affect our environment.  We can all do our part by reducing office printing, recycling paper products and using paperless data collection systems like KICS.

 Paper Waste Factsgogreen  Paper Facts & Statsgogreen  21 Steps to Sustainabilitygogreen

Whether you choose KICS or a similar software, your organization’s reduction of paper will contribute greatly to the protection of the environment.


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