Keeping Information Collection Simple:
for Municipalities

We understand managing municipal data requires accuracy, organization and a lot of paper.  KICS can address these requirements electronically and can provide a solution that works for your community.

KICS is a system designed to be user-friendly and customizable. You can easily create forms that manage:

  • Audits / Inspections
  • Permits / Certifications
  • Codes Enforcement
  • Surveys / Volunteers
  • Event Reporting
  • Traffic / Street
  • Public Safety Management
  • Public Feedback – potholes, graffiti, wastewater, traffic light outage, power outage

You will not only save time and money on your municipal data entry and filing, but also utilize an environmentally friendlier method of collecting information. Best of all, the filtering capabilities of this data make it easy to get access to up-to-the-minute statistics and information about your municipality.


Here are just some of the amazing features that your
community can be benefitting from today!

  • Create and customize multi-page forms/templates.
  • Add e-signatures to any page.
  • Share forms and portions of forms with appropriate parties. For example:
    • Colleagues
    • Public
    • Maintenance
    • Office assistants, etc.
  • High level of security – including the ability to assign specific security profiles and even apply individual page security to these roles.
  • Provides opportunity for the Public and Staff to electronically complete forms and streamline internal workflows.
  • Extract data and import into Excel spreadsheet for data analyses.
  • Eliminates data entry and keeps forms organized and accessible.
  • Significantly decreases the use and cost of paper, printer ink and shredding of sensitive documents.
  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for paper files and expensive storage.
  • KICS is hosted*, therefore, does not take up valuable internal I.T. resources.

*self hosted option is also available

Online signature capability included

Online signature capability enable the public to sign from home on any tablet





Municipal Data

In or out of the office, collecting data is made easy with KICS



Your Municipal Data

With the amazing information you will now be collecting in one system, you also have the ability to filter the data from all of your forms for instant statistics about your community.

Watch our informative video for more information on how you can Keep Information Collection Simple with KICS.