Keeping Information Collection Simple:
for a Healthcare Solution

Running a medical office (any medical office large or small) requires accuracy, organization and a lot of paper and data entry.  KICS easily addresses these requirements electronically and provides a healthcare solution that works.

KICS is a system designed to be user-friendly and customizable. You can easily create your:

  • Consent Forms
  • Intake Forms
  • Surveys
  • Follow-up questionnaires
  • Patient History
  • and More!


We asked a neuropsychologist to give us feedback on what she liked best about KICS Data Solutions.

“Here are the top 5 things that I like best about KICS:

  1. Ease of creating and customizing forms/templates, adding e-signature, and sharing with the appropriate parties (e.g., self, patient, billing company, office assistant).

  2. Provide opportunity for parents/patients to electronically complete forms before their appointment to streamline the efficiency of the process and determine the appropriate clinician-patient match based on the provided information.

  3. Ability to extract data and import into an EHR or excel spreadsheet for ease of access for future data analyses.

  4. Significant decrease in use/cost of paper, printer ink, shredding of sensitive documents, minimizing or eliminating the need for paper files and expensive storage of these for up to 7 years, etc. Many practitioners are looking to “go green,” protect sensitive data, and be a fully paperless private practice.

  5. High level of security with HIPAA compliance, which is essential for clinical psychologists dealing with highly sensitive patient information (often seen as more sensitive than the typical information included in a medical record because of the personal nature).”

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