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Keep Information Collection Simple

KICS is a web-based tool for creating, sharing, and collecting information of any type within your organization. Online data solutions, like KICS, helps to dispense with the mountains of paper forms that threaten to consume your business.  This is achieved by having your employees and/or public complete the KICS forms online in a secure and consistent manner.


Online Data Solutions – get even more with KICS

After your forms are completed, both the questions and the responses contained in the form can be exported for use in any other software within your organization, such as: an Excel spreadsheet, HR database, incident investigation system, audits/inspections, surveys, …. the possibilities are endless.

It is more than a form builder, it is a paperless workflow management tool designed to help make you more efficient. Find out just how much KICS can do for large or for small businesses today.

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